HD Mechanical

HD Mechanical

HD Mechanical are your local Dannevirke heavy diesel mechanic service, we specialise in repairs and maintenance on all your diesel machinery, be it small auxiliary or large earthworks equipment and everything in between we can fix it all. If reducing machine down time is what you're looking for we can help.

YES We do Air Conditioning! Call us now to get your A/C sorted!

It is well known that A/C refrigerant gas is harmful to our ozone. Here at HD Mechanical we take pride in our environmental efforts in reducing our footprint. When ever working with R134a we recover, recycle and when possible reuse the gas.


  • Mobile diesel repairs and maintenance
  • Fixed plant repairs and maintenance
  • Hydraulic system repairs and maintenance
  • Fuel system repairs and maintenance
  • Light fabrication and engineering
  • Certified welding and LT400's
  • A/C repairs and maintenance